dimarts, 11 d’octubre de 2011

Hola des de Barcelona!

Salutacions cordials. Avui he anat a veure la mare. M'ha costat dos trajectes de T-10 de sis zones un anar i l'altre tornar. Estava molt neguitosa. No hi puc anar per sorpresa. M'haig de programar, però com que no em donen la T-10 de dues zones, me l'he hagut de gastar. Em queden 8 trajectes. M'ha dit la tutora que m'ho tenen o tindran en compte.

A col·legi va bé, ja m'he matriculat d'una altra assignatura perquè no compto agafar el tren.

Llatí Primer... bé! de llatí primer no m'han dit res, però no hi ha diners per comprar el diccionari i els dos llibres que calen: el método i la gramàtica.

A Llengua Anglesa Primera vaig fent la meva sense llibres també. Em diu la professora, Hanna Kivistö de Souza, que em llegeixi el llibre que no tinc. Ho he fet amb la lectura anterior i potser trec un cinc de la nota. Que val, doncs el escriure val uns vint-i-cinc per cent de la nota. Es diu "Writting" del verb "write".

Ara, dia 19 d'Octubre del dos mil onze, us passo Primer l'enunciat i després els dos treballs de que vaig fer. El primer, que no me l'acceptaren i l segon que m'han acceptat pels pèls:

Write a five-paragraph decriptiv essay about a relationship with a person who has had a powerful influence over you. GIve specific examples and detailed decriptions of moments and experiences you have shared. Show the relationship helped you become the person you are today.

Hello. I am an alcoholic and I am forty-one years old male student. I ue to smoke too. A girlfriend that I have had told me in many times that there are many things I don't have, to be an alcoholic. In many ways, she told me that there is a long way to carry for being an alcoholic that I haven't worked on. But, and only perhaps, to be an alcoholic is not the end I would like to myself. I have to fight.
When I was eleven or twelve years old I was paid by the companions of my college to drink in a non stopping way a 3/4 of a litre bottle of sweet wine that, here in Catalonia, we use to drink for Halloween. I got as drunk that I went to play basketball at the sports pool of my college and I started to call "crazy man", when he passed away, to my teacher of Physics and Chemistry. I started to call him "crazy man" in a different language that he used to speak, just to copmlain another companion and feel myself greater than before. I think, because I'm not sure, that the boys told me: "Where do you go?". I went away with the money that I had been paid for the drinking. People used to smile... even laugh, and... Well! I don't remember but I think that, perhaps, girls in my college felt more comfortable since then. But my marks went on bad to worse and I started to... I see now... to walk a lonely way, perhaps too far away from my parents, my brothers and my sisters.

My name is Josep and it is a name that cames originally from the ancient Hebrews. I read years ago in the Internet at "tunombre.com" that "José" means "God will provide" and I think that will provide... what? God will provide some bread or anything.

I ought to tell you that my surname means, we recieved a commercial letter, answering a request, from Manresa -a town in Catalonia-, it means "son of the forest", and i felt myslf more comfortable with creatures that are arround me: Small flies for example. And I'm not joking. It's true. A person from Morocco names "Spirit" helped me in this way. The son of my brother helped too, even my mother. I ought to tell you, that I have a disease. I have "paranoid schizopfrenia", but I take my pills daily.

To tell you the truth. I think that many persons that have influenced myself, have done in a indirect way: making me laugh and making me feel asshamed as well. Even I see that only who can do, the loved and astonished ones, are the one that offend and influence me, in a too much submissive way of myself.

Segon treball que ha estat corregit i puntuat amb un 5/10, soposo que trobareu obvies algunes frases que en principi encara no sabria escriure, ni em convenia:

The person I am today is more related to the World that before. To tell you the truth, I just remember a few things about when I was a child. But I guess that, when I was a child. I was a ell ducated boy. I remember for example that in 1975 or later, I don't know exactly, my mother usd to take me to the bath and she used to cut my nails weekly, on Fridays after school. At this point, I guess it was on Saturday morning because I remember the Sun shinning in over me.

We, my mother, my father and four of my five brothers and sisters, -one of them, the oldest was studying the whole week in Barcelona-, were living in a big house that didn't have hot water in the bathrooms, so my mother and my sister Neus had to warm the water in the kitchen. My sister ued to bring the earthen cooking pan upstairs. I guess not only for this I was a very nice guy before I was eleven or twelve.

I can remember that most part of the time of my earlier life, when we were talking about studies, my mother was telling me that I had to go to Barcelona and become an engineer. Like my brother Xavier, the oldest one, did. He tarted to work in Barcelona too. My brother Xavier died i 2006, just two months after my father. I guess my mother, who had been born in a different town than we were living, fell in love with the nice way of living of my brother Xavier and wanted me to have the same way because she was not happy living in the town we used to lived in.

But my father, even my sister Neus, wanted me to live the life, perhaps they were seeing on me something strange: I was not having the full presence taht I guess my brother had and perhaps I was not as intelligent as I figure to be. Perhaps, and only perhaps, I have had a corrct way to be in some places but not enough personality influenced by my other two brother, even my sisters too. We love very much each other... Passionately!

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