diumenge, 6 de novembre de 2011

“Downloading music or movies from the internet without paying does more harm(daño) than good”

Where is it going the World’s young people? How is acting the computer industry these days? I have read that Edward Tylor in Primitive Culture in the year 1871 has defined culture as: “In the most enlarged meaning, is the all that includes knowledge, beliefs, moral acting, law, the customs and every habit and capacities acquired by people as a part of Society”.
Also, Francis Pisani and Dominique Piotet at “The alchemy of the multitudes . How the Web is changing the World” says that young people is not interested in programming and computer’s science. They only act in the Web as users.
In this way, to download music or movies means, -well! People of my village says that police is not stupid-, to be not informed of how things are going, for example, in America; and what is saying the composer because, I’m sure, there’s not the original version or better to say, the version that is intended to the Universe. Perhaps all these products, music and movies are something that will be misgiven in the next days coming and its just the last straw.
Artist is not talking now to the World because the World is growing up, so the consumers are from much parts of the World.
In this way, also, culture is arriving to more people but in a different way and how Quim Monzó, a writer from Catalonia, has said in the newspaper now people does not use to meet themselves somewhere to hear all them the same version of the original music at the same place all together, even when they hear it staying alone in their rooms, not with the family or friends that becomes, to young people to be not so universal as well. They no bring things from downstairs to upstairs. Young ones do the kind of things at home, and they don't drink too, even smoke.
So to download music and movies is creating smaller people not interested in travel somewhere abroad to meet the things that are explained which happens in other parts of the world, and for artists death is closer and not as great as the masters… named dinosaurs of rock-. Artists do not become as close to the clients, so as real, and the art as a Human being is being surpassed or selected as History does, in my point of view.
We are invited to discuss, with the help of three important personages, the ethics in digital era. We have to analyze, reading the book, what could happen if we download in the most part of Propaganda in a very fast succeed of facts that includes newbies who download from the Internet as an alcoholic, who has left drinking ago, forgets he cannot drink, and for the stupidity of the alcoholics, who cannot stop, and then, he, in anyway, lefts drinking again.
Immanuel Kant, says to us that before taking an Ethical decision we must ask ourselves: What will happen if anyone does the same? Kant also says that we cannot go against our personal beliefs and says that one his maxim is never to lie. But as we cannot prepare beforehand the consequences we must ignore it. I ask to myself: Is that correct?
We can imagine it, like John Stuart Mill said, and we can do something if it satisfies the most of people included ourselves. Mill also says that we must measure morality in utility ends. So, by the moment, Mill invites us to be persons that, later said Nietszche, must be greater than god. In the meanings of that, thoughts are what History must include. A strange thing did occur that takes occidental people to be that kind of magic warriors. I think now in the independence of colonies or the religion’s crashing. Now we have experience and we must know that there are many people living by an artistic way of life.
The book introduces Aristotle too, the ancient Greek philosopher, who says that we must do things that make us grow up and flourish. To Aristotle we must ask ourselves what kind of person we want to be and think if this will take us that way.
So we must decide if we want to be freeriders, or, if we want to do things that are right. We must know that thing arrive to nowadays points because of suffering people who learns and teaches right, using our mind and our imagination related to our past and human being.

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