diumenge, 15 de gener de 2012

English practicing: A dream I have had tonight.

I have had a very sad dream tonight: We, a friend of mine and I, were walking down on a road and suddenly he, who was rotating on a machined chair, has passed over a cat. The cat was wearing shoes and surprising us, it haven't screamed any meow and has followed its way on the border of the road leanning on three of its four legs.

The cat who was female was injured on its left back leg and was dragging it. We have followed the animal to see where it refugiates itself, and when we were arriving we could hear from an old woman's voice: ¡Han matado al padre! ¡Han matado al padre!

Myself, still dreaming, has remembered the case of the dog of my neighbours who had injured another one, a Yorkshire -small- dog across the thick bars of the garden's door and the woman owner of the small dog started to shout desperately: ¡Qué le han hecho a mi perro!

The woman of the small dog, who has another one dog which is not as curious as the Yorkshire and which takes a walk toghether, have denounced my neighbours to the Mossos d'Esquadra.

The neighbours hasn't painted the thick brand new bars in prevission of the imminent intervention of the Generalitat by the Nation's Government, these is previewed imminent, Catalonia Radio says, and the consequent substitution of the Mossos by the Guardia Civil o the National Police.

Hope to being back soon, Josep Salvans Arola.

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